quality and limited production

Research during the last 8 years gave us the first good results with Evolució 2009 and 2011, Evolució Syrah 2012, Evolució Pinot Noir 2012, and with Imagine 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, all of which has given us confidence and encouraged us to go ahead.

The premises of quality demanded by the winery at Casa Auvinyà and the ever-present possibility of adverse weather conditions make it impossible to achieve the sensory qualities needed for the grapes in every year, which means that we cannot market the wine in the difficult years and therefore Evolució from Casa Auvinyà will not be produced every year.

This happened with Evolució 2010, due to bad weather and a serious mildew infection at flowering time, which meant that the vintage could not be sold. This bad luck made us learn and mature and, as a result, our wines have come out better prepared.

The Casa Auvinyà wines are very different every year, with production very limited and in numbered bottles, which makes it desirable and forms a attraction for lovers of wines from small wineries, personally created wines, collectors' wines and wines made with the heart.

Finally, we mention that the preferred working tools at Casa Auvinyà are research and development, both for the cultivation and for the process of preparation and maturing.

Celler Casa Auvinyà offers an elegant, exclusive and authentic wine. A bold wine which contributes to breaking with standards and classicism.

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