what we do

Casa Auvinyà, in coherence with the premise that "nature expresses itself in the form of wine", has continued working to produce wines which reflect their "terroir".

The objective is the expression of the natural climatic environment, the expression of land which has for centuries been cultivated with criteria of sustainability, with no change of outlook, where the roots have to go deep and explore the deeper mineral strata and where, through careful cultivation and practice, these qualities are concentrated in the grapes.

Careful grape harvesting at the right moment and meticulous preparation in the winery produce elegant wines, exclusive and bold, characteristic of Casa Auvinyà.

The achievement of an individuality expressed in our wines is the result of many hours of manual labour and the acceptance of many risks.

We are at the start of viticulture in Andorra and at Celler de Casa Auvinyà we are aware that this is a long road, that we have to be patient and professional, and that viticulture is moving into mountain areas and Andorra is now making its own wine.

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